Mobile Canvassing & VOiP Phone Banking

Ornament Arrows

A strong grassroots campaign is a key component to every successful candidacy, but until recently most of the time dedicated to it was spent planning and organizing instead of talking to people and winning votes. Paper walk lists, backtracking, getting lost and hours of data entry into excel spreadsheets are now a thing of the past.

KC Strategies offers our clients mobile canvassing and VOiP phone banking technology that allows them to reach voters efficiently, and collect actionable data that can be used later to get out the vote.

By using any smart phone or tablet, the candidate, volunteers or campaign staff can access interactive map-based walk lists that have been assigned to them, see relevant information about the voters on the lists, conduct a customized survey at the voter's door or call and leave a message for a voter if they are not at home. All of the information that is gathered is then automatically merged into the campaign's master voter file that is stored on a secure central server.

To reach voters in more remote areas, to target a specific demographic or for a last minute get out the vote effort, a VOiP phone banking feature is integrated into the program as well. This allows volunteers or staff to call from any location with a computer and an internet connection using the campaign's Caller ID number. After speaking with a voter, all of the information collected is also merged into the master voter file.

Time is the most precious resource for any campaign. This new technology helps our clients create and execute a grassroots effort that used to take days in a matter of minutes.