Our Approach

From the courthouse to the statehouse, your success is our bottom line.


All too often consultants and political communications companies try to cut corners by designing cookie-cutter campaign plans, direct mail pieces, and television and radio ads for their clients. Sadly, this marginalizes the candidate's message and decreases their chances of victory.

KC Strategies was founded on the belief that every campaign, large or small, deserves personal attention from start to finish. Why? Because our #1 goal is the success of our client's campaigns and the promotion of their ideas.

Our bottom line is electing Republicans to office at all levels of government. We know the best way to do that is to create a communications plan that maximizes our client's campaign dollars in order to reach their constituents efficiently and effectively.

KC Strategies provides our clients with over 40 years of combined professional political experience. This includes work on over 300 campaigns in 154 different Texas counties, including congressional, state legislative, judicial (local, state and appellate), county and non-partisan races. We have also worked for political action committees, county political parties, activist organizations and private sector businesses.

We understand the degree of commitment and personal sacrifice it takes to put your name on a ballot. Here at KC Strategies, we honor your dedication to the State of Texas and to your local community by providing the highest level of service and quality to your campaign from our first conversation through election day.