Twelve-Time Telly Award Winner

The Telly Awards recognized KC Strategies for achievement in television nine years in a row with a dozen statues.

In 2013, the firm was awarded its first Telly for the television spot entitled “Roadblock” from Gerald Daugherty’s successful 2012 campaign for Travis County Commissioner. Irrespective of party affiliation, traffic was the number one issue on the minds of voters when it came to casting their ballots in this race, so the firm’s creative team produced this ad to theatrically remind voters of their traffic woes.

In 2014, KC Strategies received a Telly for the television spot entitled "Prosecutor" from Jana Duty’s successful campaign to oust long-time Williamson District Attorney John Bradley during the 2012 Republican Primary election. It was the introductory ad in the campaign which highlighted her time as County Attorney and it set up the contrast spot in the final week and a half of the campaign.

In 2016, KC Strategies was again awarded a Telly for a television spot entitled "Leadership" from the Austin Keith Campaign, and in 2017 the Telly Awards recognized "The Prop. 1 Nightmare" spot which spoofed a horror movie trailer to illustrate the absurdity of the City of Austin's 2016 bond proposal.

Also in 2017, KC Strategies earned a Silver People's Choice Telly for Gerald Daugherty's viral ad, "Please Re-Elect Gerald...Please!" The Silver Telly is the Telly Awards' highest honor, and only two other ads received a People's Choice Silver Telly in 2017 in the local television commercial category.

In 2018, the firm got the nod again for the attention-grabbing, low-budget series of spots entitled "Compadres" on behalf of Senator Craig Estes' campaign in North Texas. And in 2019, the biographical spot called "The Front Yard" was recognized for helping Reggie Smith win an open seat in the State House from Sherman.

In 2020, KC Strategies earned its second silver Telly with the ad series "This is George" in support of George Hindman's campaign for Congress in a central Texas district based in Waco.

In 2021, the firm was award three silver Telly awards for "Til The Cows Come Come" in support of Lynn Stucky's campaign for State Representative, "You'll Be Broke", a parody of the Broadway musical Hamilton in opposition to Austin's Prop. A, and for "The Normal Guy," an online ad for Steve Kuzmich, an independent candidate for Congress in the DFW area. No other campaign ads in Texas were recognized in this year's Telly Awards.

And in 2022, KC Strategies was again recognized for Judge Paul Pape's campaign biographical ad "Look After Your Neighbors" which highlighted Pape's leadership of Bastrop County through six natural disasters in the past ten years.

Each year, there are over 10,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries. A panel of over 500 accomplished industry professionals judge the competition, upholding the historical standard of excellence that Telly represents. They evaluate entries to recognize distinction in creative work – entries do not compete against each other – rather entries are judged against a high standard of merit.

Former winners include Dick Clark Productions, Time Warner Cable, ABC Family Digital Media, AMC Theatres, AOL Media, CBS Interactive, Cox Media, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, among others.