Seven-Time Reed Award Winner

KC Strategies Honored by Campaigns & Elections Magazine with Reed Awards

KC Strategies was been honored with seven Reed Awards for excellence by Campaigns & Elections Magazine. In 2013, the firm was recognized in the political technology field for its five-minute web video entitled “A Conversation with Jana Duty". In 2014, the robodial "Captain Clean to the Rescue" earned KC Strategies an award for creating a child-turned-superhero character to engage voters in an otherwise low-profile race for the Tarrant Regional Water District Board of Directors. In 2017, the viral ad "Please Re-Elect Gerald...Please" won two Reed Awards - Most Original TV Advertisement and Best TV Ad for a Local, County or Judicial Candidate. In 2020, the series "This is George" won a Reed Award for Best Use of Voice Over Talent in a television commercial. In 2021, the web video "You'll Be Broke", a parody of the Broadway-hit "Hamilton" was recognized for Best Web Video in a Ballot Initiative Campaign. And finally, in 2022 the ad "Look After Your Neighbors" for Judge Paul Pape was named Best TV Ad for a Republican State Legislative Campaign.

Campaigns & Elections is the preeminent "how-to" journal of politics, focused on the tools, tactics and techniques of the political consulting profession. Its coveted Reed Awards recognize excellence in campaign management, political consulting and political communication. The bi-partisan awards are named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed.

KC Strategies was also one of three finalists in 2013 for “Best Bare-Knuckled Street Fight Victory,” the Reed Award’s top special honor, for the Jana Duty Campaign in its entirety.